The HEFFRON ORIGINAL rum, which we produce in the oldest distillery in Europe – the Green Tree Distillery, pays tribute to all the heroes who have shown incredible bravery and determination in the fight for freedom we have in Europe today. It is named after the ship that, after the end of the First World War, carried legionnaires who made a significant effort to establish an independent Czechoslovakia through Panama back to their homeland.

Its taste is pleasantly delicate, slightly sweet, yet still distinctive with hints of vanilla, caramel, and a resonance of woody tones, given by the long maturation in barrels. Heffron Original matured for five years in American white oak barrels in the partner distillery of the Green Tree Distillery in Panama. Every drop of it remained in the barrel for this time.



Carefully selected bourbon barrels, in which every drop of the Panama rum matured for five years, gave it a completely unique character.

HEFFRON 5YO RUM – BOURBON CASK is best enjoyed at room temperature, when its drier taste with strong woody tones and resonances of tropical fruit stands out the most. Although it has matured for as long as Heffron Original in the tropical environment of the Panama distillery, its taste profile is different.


Each drop of HEFFRON 10YO rum matured in selected barrels after sherry, bourbon, and cognac for ten years. Each barrel had plenty of time to imprint its uniqueness on the rum. Their blend is a masterpiece that carries a perfectly balanced palette of taste tones and aromas.

You can discover them best by enjoying at room temperature from a tulip-shaped glass. The rum was created by blendmaster Francisco Fernández from the partner distillery of the Green Tree Distillery in Panama exclusively for Heffron.


A completely new taste experience is brought by the elixir Heffron Coconut, which was created by combining quality Panama rum and fresh coconuts from selected regions of the Caribbean. It combines a fresh coconut aroma with tones of vanilla and caramel.

The sweet taste of coconut will gently graze your tongue first, followed by the woody tones typical for rum and a pleasant warm finish.


The unique combination of quality Panama rum and selected, freshly roasted coffee gave rise to the Heffron Coffee elixir. It combines the pleasant aroma of coffee with tones of vanilla and caramel.

The sweet coffee taste is followed by woody tones typical for rum and ends in a pleasant warm finish.


Join us on a journey to the distant world of sugar cane and cocoa beans brought to you by Heffron Cocoa

Let your senses be enchanted by the perfect combination of delicious rum and the great taste of cocoa.

First you will be amazed by the aroma of cocoa with a subtle touch of honey. Then, the sweet cocoa taste fully develops on your tongue with a typical slight aftertaste of woody notes and a pleasant warm finish.

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