Enjoy the tastes of Panama!

The roots of rum Heffron go back to the distillery in Las Cabras de Pesé in Panama, the partner distillery of the Czech Green Tree distillery, which is the oldest distillery in Europe.

The spiritual father of Heffron is master blender Francisco Fernández, also known as “Don Pancho”.

Heffron is a young brand, that was first produced in 2019 for the hundred´s anniversary of the journey of the American ship Heffron, transporting Czechoslovak legionnaires through Panama back to their homeland. The rum pays tribute to all the heroes who have shown incredible bravery and determination in the fight for freedom we have in Europe today.

The Heffron “family” now has 5 variants, 2 aged rums and 3 rum elixirs, each of them offering a unique taste experience. You can discover the wide palette of taste tones and aromas the best by savoring the rum at room temperature from a tulip shaped glass. Learn more about Heffron here.

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